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VIRUS RACE LAB - VIRUS Racing Laboratory


After 10 years of no progress in the snowboard industry.... allmost all brands in alpine snowboard industry building all boards for competition with the same kind of shapes and titanal woodcore construction...

VIRUS decided to kick ass!

Boring overdamped titanal boards with no acceration out of the turns may be work for racing but for freecarving there is better material availlable.

These new boards from VIRUS Race LAB are a devellopment of 2 years intense testing with coaches and racers to get a board which creates more edgegrip and accelleration out of the turns and not a board constructed with titanal where all energy gets destroyed. Push harder get faster..... a race in a parallel event is difficult to win in the steep parts, where the rider needs to be concentrated making no mistake and stay save....but in the flat parts where you can push...there will be the big advantage of the new VIRUS Racelab boards! On top you get an agile carving board with lots of fun on slopes which is totally easy to ride!

In combination with our new Elektron base you will get the fastest board on planet...doesn´t matter if you want to win races or just carving the hardest slopes... you will be fully satisfied!

Stay prepared!