Quality und Know-How at it's best !

VIRUS boards are manufactured from high-tech materials in combination with proven materials like full wood cores from our own fabrication. Every VIRUS board’s wood core is handmade in the most precise manner and reinforced with two or three layers of carbon fiber, depending on the model. This carbon cloth consists of pure, continuously woven fibers. The wood cores are glued into the boards’ prefabricated camber. This process is unique and extremely laborious to operate, but through this our boards receive camber which lasts and lasts and lasts…. This is for sure!

We consciuously rely on the highest quality materials and we do without expensive PR-campaigns in favor of sheer riding pleasure.

All VIRUS boards are manufactured in sandwich technology, although this is more expensive in production. Our top-end quality, double sintered running bases are machined by a stone grinding machine to achieve the precision and performance world cup riders expect from top equipment. Extra wide steel edges allow for repeated grinding which tremendously enhances a VIRUS board’s lifespan. Our highly sophisticated sidecuts are achieved by the combination of up to eight different radii. Thus, every VIRUS model can be driven through narrow turns as well as wide ones – the board will securely hold its track!

Our own CNC-machining center offers endless possibilities for the creation of prototypes and in serial production. All components are machined to the highest precision with a tolerance of only a few hundredths of a millimeter. Thus an absolutely accurate construction of VIRUS snowboards and skis is ensured. Three-dimensional, load optimized wood cores are machined to the highest precision. This painstaking process pays off from the first descent.

For many years, VIRUS has been the only manufacturer in the ski and snowboard industry to use Zylon fiber cloth. We do claim to be the first on the market to incorporate Zylon in snowboards. It is the strongest fiber which has ever been produced worldwide, so processing it is extremely laborious and special tools and technologies are required to actually cut the fiber.

VIRUS has recently also been using selected titanal materials in connection with a dampening element for the VIRUS World Cup Series and for VIRUS skis. In connection with a innovative shape this creates an “auto carving effect”, which puts us ahead of our time once again!